Comrades & Friends

Due to C19, it has been far too long since I could safely hold my regular workfloor meetings and share the exciting ways our local has strengthened itself and fought for our members. I hope you’ll grant me three more years to keep pushing our local, and all of CUPW, to become the credible, fighting force we need it to be to win.


Roland’s powerfully demonstrated his leadership abilities as our local president. In short order, he inspired us to embrace a bold organizing strategy centering the collective power of workers. You’d have to be deliberately not paying attention to see how drastically our local's changed for the better.

Devon Rundvall

CUPW 730, 1st Vice President (Organizing)

Roland’s mandate was to build a program of organizing and direct action. Within two months of his win, he helped roll-out and teach Taking Back Our Workfloor courses with unprecedented accessibility and frequency. I know I’m not the only member whose activism was ignited in that inspiring class.

Natasha Fryzuk
CUPW 730, Communications Officer

Over 21 years, I’ve witnessed the full roller coaster of internal CUPW politics; Roland was instrumental in unifying our executive and focusing our fight on the boss instead of each other. It gives me great joy to move forward in this spirit of solidarity with negotiations just around the corner.


Rashpal Sehmby
CUPW 730,
Health & Safety Officer

Roland’s provided our local a wealth of organizing knowledge that’s invigorated, and prepared us for the fight in front of us. He’s been an excellent leader through the pandemic, making the best of a bad situation, and always putting the needs of the entire membership first. I’ve learned so much about unionism from him and have shared those lessons forward as newer activists keep joining our ranks.

James Ball
CUPW 730,
Education Officer

Roland’s a natural born leader who emanates confidence, knowledge, strength and drive. His passion to see not only our local, but all of CUPW,  grow and succeed is truly inspiring and has brought countless new activists into the struggle. I can’t think of a better leader to help our local face the challenges ahead. 

Jill Meger
Chief Steward (2019-2021)

My Advocacy

CTV Interview: Canada Post’s C19 Response

CTV Alberta Primetime interview where I discuss the gap between CPC’s talk and walk on C19 safety, as well as the concerns and demands of our members.

With You On the Workfloor

An example of one of the 250+ workfloor meetings I held since being elected as President two years ago. These meetings will resume as soon as the pandemic lifts.

Fighting Forward

I ran for President to empower our local the same way I helped empower a city-wide forced overtime refusal. This is an example of the unionism CUPW needs to embrace to be effective again.

My Endorsement Of

Chris Pilgrim

If you feel my efforts have earned your vote, please consider also supporting my running mate, Brother Chris Pilgrim, for 2nd Vice President (EMPP) on the other ballot. 

Two years ago, our local struggled getting members out to meetings, recruiting new activists, or mounting any kind of fight against CPC. Brother Pilgrim embodies the new direction our local’s embraced since. Every opportunity we’ve provided, he’s answered the call. He helps any member seeking it, attends every meeting, serves on numerous committees, grinds out countless grievance hearings and consults, and somehow still finds the time to grow the invaluable website he’s built for our local. What impresses me most is Chris’ instinct to always share knowledge and welcome others into the struggle. I know I speak for most of my Exec colleagues when I say Chris is by far the better choice to continue empowering and organizing our members in the EMPP as we move into negotiations. If you support any of our efforts to strengthen this local, know that Chris has been with us each step of the way.


Voting Information

Advance Polls

March 31, 2021

(7am – 7pm)

Final Polls

April 10, 2021

(11am – 5pm)

Election REsults

April 10, 2021
Virtual GMM (6pm)

Where to vote

Union Office (back entrance only)

18121 107 Avenue, Edmonton

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